A Message to Cutepet Fans

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed big changes are underway at Studio Cutepet. Yes, itís true. is now an exclusive members-only community. Considering Cutepetís long history as a free site, this is bound to come as a big surpris, but let me explain why this is a GOOD thing for everyone.

As you know, pictures donít create themselves. Great art takes time. In the past, Studio Cutepetís efforts have been funded by donations and occasional art commissions from generous patrons. This model has allowed Cutepet to survive, but never really thrive.

Essentially, a members-only format allows us to entirely focus our efforts and greatly increase our artistic output. No more waiting. Now you can expect titillating new hentai art every week! Also exciting is our partnership with F.L.A.A. Nation and their community of hentai sites. Because of this partnership, in addition to all of our new work and extensive archives, Cutepet members receive full access to a community of 16 other hentai sites (including a number of artist-run pages). That's a lot of content to keep youÖ ermÖ busy every week. ^_^

In closing, we hope you decide to join us as we continue to create awesomely sexy hentai artwork for you to enjoy. We have lots of new ideas for characters and images lined up for the coming weeks, months, and years, and we hold weekly polls and take feedback from members so we can best serve our member's desires. You won't want to miss out! :)

-Mina <3
Studio Cutepet

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